Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo shoot ala Andrew

Andrew is now 14 weeks old! Amazing how wonderful and strangely normal the last 3+ months have been for us. I guess that means we're falling pretty naturally into this whole parenting thing (praise the Lord!). Of course, it helps when your son is the best, cutest, smartest baby that every was. :D

This weekend, we attempted baby photos based on some traditional shots. We don't have a bear skin rug, but we do have a soft fluffy white blanket. Tomato, toe-mah-toe.

Captions are written from Andrew's perspective. (My own thoughts are in parentheses, when relevant.) What are your favorites?

Look guys, I hold my head up so well! Such a strong neck I have.
(And what a wrinkly torso!)

I love to wiggle my legs. Have you seen my feet? My feet are AWESOME!
(And preserve your modesty. Nicely done.)

I wonder what this square cube thing to the side of my face is.
(Thanks again, Cousin Wendy!)

I think a bird just flew by the window! Wait, I don't know what a bird is.

No really, my feet are SO cool. 

I am such a happy guy! Mom and Dad, you guys are so much fun!
(We're so lucky that you are a cheerful, mellow baby!)

And one a bit less traditional - a very hungry caterpillar ensemble gifted from Aunt Jacquie, to match his nursery theme:

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